All about Crazy Pineapple poker

Crazy Pineapple Poker Strategies

The game strategy used in Crazy Pineapple poker is almost the same that works in Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha poker. When you talk about concepts like betting for value, bluffing, pot odds, drawing hands etc., all of them are applicable in the Crazy Pineapple poker as well. Let’s go over some significant strategic differences you must keep in mind to become a successful Crazy Pineapple poker player.

Strategy with regard to the starting hands
The starting hand strategy used in Crazy Pineapple poker is slightly different compared to the one that’s used in Texas Hold ‘em. For instance, three Aces in Crazy Pineapple poker are much weaker compared to Texas Hold ‘em as you’ll need to fold one of them after the flop. Hence, the chances of getting a set also go down significantly as only one Ace remains in the deck.

The best possible starting hands you can make in Crazy Pineapple poker are the ones that provide you with multiple possibilities of making a strong five card poker hand (flush, straight etc.) on the flop. For instance
- If you get Jd Ad and Ah as your three hole cards, you’re most likely to flop trips, flush, straight or perhaps a full house;
- If you get 9h 10h 10s as your three hole cards, you’ve got equal chances of creating the combinations provided above. Furthermore, you may not lose a lot of money when you get such a hand, because even if you don’t hit the flop, you may still be able to fold with the pair of 10s.
- If you get 7s 6s and As as your three hole cards, you’ve again got a nice starting hand to play with. You may easily be able to make a straight, flush or two pairs on the flop.

Rainbow hole cards, which are basically three hole cards of different suits, that don’t have any of the face cards or aren’t connected to each other, are considered pretty weak starting hands in Crazy Pineapple poker. To give you an example, 10s 2d 5h would be considered a bad starting hand in Crazy Pineapple.
Players new to Crazy Pineapple poker must stick to one basic strategy: they must ask themselves if they’d readily play any two of the three hole cards in Texas Hold ‘em? You may easily fold any hand in Crazy Pineapple poker that you won’t have played in Texas Hold ‘em.
Furthermore, you must avoid making some common rookie mistakes associated with Texas Hold ‘em. For instance, many Texas Hold ‘em newbies think that any two cards can give them a win after the flop. It’s not a good strategy in that variant and much riskier when used in Crazy Pineapple. Especially because you may tempt yourself away from folding if you hit the flop in any sort of way. All in all, beginners must adopt the ‘Tight is Right’ strategy in Crazy Pineapple Poker.

One pair isn’t a neat hand
Although TPTK or top pair, top kicker is considered a fairly good hand in Texas Hold ‘em, depending on how many players are there at the table, it normally proves to be a pretty expensive hand in Crazy Pineapple as one pair is usually the second best hand if you compete with it in the showdown stage. And this happens pretty often. Full houses, straights, two pairs, three of a kind and higher combinations are a pretty regular feature in Crazy Pineapple. Hence, any time you get a top pair, it is highly likely to get beaten by one of the opponents. So, keep the pot small with such a hand and fold if you face resistance from others.

Be wary of the flushes
As against Texas Hold ‘em, flushes are a far more regular occurrence when you’re playing Crazy Pineapple, as everyone is handed three hole cards. So, if three community cards dealt on the flop belong to the same suit, it’s almost a certainty that one of the opponents may have finished his/her flush. Getting two same-suit cards on flop is most likely to make a hand.
So, don’t get overwhelmed if you do make a flush in Crazy Pineapple poker. It may not be all that good unless it’s a nut flush.