Got A USMLE Exam? Check This

Do you have a USMLE exam upcoming? Then you are in sound luck because there is a blog that I want to point you towards. This is not just any old blog. I know some websites recommend blogs to look at left and right, but I only do so when I discover some real quality. There’s actually a particular page on this blog that I feel is more worth your time than the other pages, and here’s a link to that page:

You can explore the rest of the site from there. It’s a good base for starting off, in my estimation. The owner of the site seems to prioritize simplicity in terms of explaining things, and I really value that because there’s no many webmasters trying to complicate their content to make themselves seem smarter. But actually in my opinion, the simpler the language there is on a site, the smarter I believe the webmaster to be, because he evidently is mindful of the fact that users will value ease of reading. There are circumstances in which it’s cool to complicate language, but this is surely not one of them so that site comes highly recommended by me.