All about Crazy Pineapple poker

Is It Worth Playing?

To cut the story short – Yes! It’s definitely worth playing Crazy Pineapple poker, simply because it’s a lot of fun! While a good number of poker players hold a reasonably good knowledge about Texas Hold ‘em poker and its rules and strategies, many even knowing a lot about other variants like Omaha poker, Crazy Pineapple poker is one poker variant that not every poker player is aware of.

This is mostly due to the reason that poker players everywhere are usually unaware about the strategies applicable to this game and how they can maximise their returns from it. Making it an easily avoidable variant for them.

Although Crazy Pineapple poker isn’t a very new poker variant, it never managed to accomplish and enjoy the same popularity as its other counterparts. Furthermore, since it’s not as popular as Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha and other popular poker varieties, you are least likely to find good websites, books or other resources related to it. If you look at it the other way, it may actually work as an advantage for you, as you may possibly acquaint yourself with the basic strategies of the game and maximise your returns!

So, all said and done is it really worth playing Crazy Pineapple poker? Yes, at least if you have learnt about the basic strategies and rules of the game. Furthermore, as also mentioned earlier, since you’re going to find so many fishes at Crazy Pineapple poker tables, it is all the more reason you must frequently play this poker variant.

A major disadvantage of this game is that you’re not going to find it in every poker room on the internet and offline. In fact, there are only a handful off-line and online casinos that offer this game. Even the ones that do offer it, the stakes are usually kept pretty high for any average player to indulge in it.

To add to all the reasons for playing his game, since everyone has been playing Texas Hold ‘em for a long-long time now, Crazy Pineapple poker can come as a breath of fresh air, bringing about a great deal of excitement to regular poker rooms! As Crazy Pineapple poker rules are quite similar to the no limit Texas Hold ‘em poker, the transition is also not very difficult.

In case you’re interested in playing Crazy Pineapple poker in online casinos and online poker rooms, but aren’t able to find a good website where you can enjoy it, you could check out a reputed and diverse online casinos like Bet365 and more. Alternatively, you could even indulge in Double Hold ‘em which is a mix of the conventional Texas Hold ‘em and Crazy Pineapple poker. This one you can find in a good majority of off-line and online casinos all over the world.

A bit more about Double Hold ‘em
As also mentioned above, this game is quite similar to Crazy Pineapple poker as you get three facedown cards. Once the flop is dealt, all active players in the game must make one of their three facedown cards the ‘Point Card’ (instead of mucking one). Once the point card is assigned, you must mandatorily use it as a part of your best five card poker hand.