All about Crazy Pineapple poker

Crazy Pineapple Poker Variants

As you may already be aware that at core Crazy Pineapple poker is actually a variation of Texas Hold ‘em, with the only difference being that rather than getting dealt two cards, you’re dealt three hole cards (of which you must discard one after the flop). Considering the widespread popularity of Crazy Pineapple poker, different variations of even this game have emerged over a period of time. Nevertheless, the dealing of three hole cards has remained the same. The difference has only come in the timing of mucking the third card, and the rules used for determining the strength of the poker hands. Let’s talk about some commonly known variants of Crazy Pineapple poker now.

Pineapple poker
Rather than being a spin-off of Crazy Pineapple poker, Pineapple poker is actually one of the Texas Hold ‘em variants from which Crazy Pineapple was derived! It’s played almost exactly the same way as the Crazy version, with the only difference that one of the three dealt hole cards must be discarded in the pre-flop stage and prior to the first betting round (as against post-flop in Crazy Pineapple).
Apart from that, the gameplay is exactly like in Texas Hold ‘em and Crazy Pineapple. This poker variant is specifically suited for amateur poker players who wish to spice up their games by bringing about a small degree of variation to Texas Hold ‘em.
If you look at it closely, Pineapple poker actually exists halfway between the Omaha and Texas Hold ‘em. It has been extremely popular in Australia and some South American countries, specifically in legally allowed places in Colombia.

Hold ‘em Tahoe or Lazy Pineapple poker
Also popularly referred to as Tahoe Hold ‘em, the gameplay of Lazy Pineapple poker is exactly the same as the Crazy version, differing only in the way that you’re not required to discard any of the three hole cards dealt to you at the start of the game.
Please note that the rules used for determination of the best poker hand are also the same as in Texas Hold ‘em. You may use two, one or none of the hole cards for making your best possible five card hand. However, you can’t use all the three hole cards in the showdown stage of the game.

Super Hold ‘em
Almost the same as Lazy Pineapple poker or Hold ‘em Tahoe, this version involves three hole cards that can be taken to the showdown stage of the game. The only difference is that you are required to use all the three hole cards, and not just two, when creating your best five card poker hand in the end.

8 or Better or Hi – Lo
The above detailed Crazy Pineapple poker variations can also be played with ‘8 or Better’ or ‘Hi – Lo’ rules in play. If you’re someone who plays Omaha Hi – Lo on a frequent basis, you’d already know how it works and how these rules are used for deciding the winner in the showdown stage of the game. Apart from that, the rest of the poker game remains exactly the same. It’s only when you’re playing with ‘8 or Better’ rules that one or more players may split or win the amount in community pot.
The low hand is determined by any hand that has an ‘8’ or lower value card in it. All aces can be counted as ‘1.’ Furthermore, if there is even one player who has a strong low hand, then the amount in the community pot is split between that player and the player who gets the highest hand. If there are more than one players in possession of a low hand, it’s the one having the lowest high card who wins the game. For instance, a player having 2 3 4 6 7 would beat a player having A 3 4 6 8.